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J&L is your leading environmental service provider, combining leadership, expertise, and cutting-edge technology to pave the way for professional management of environmental by-products.

Environmental Solutions

J&L is revolutionizing the land application industry through the implementation of precision-driven technology to allow for environmentally safe application of drilling waste constituents, such as high-salinity waste, hydrocarbons and/or metal, in a manner once thought to be unmanageable.

Our goal of creating a better tomorrow is accomplished through leadership today.

In more than 10 years of operation, J&L’s record includes:

Zero regulatory fines on more than 3,000 completed jobs.


J&L's ECO1 is an advanced land application system that bridges the gap between environmental science and regulatory compliance with the latest in technology and equipment. The system is the first technology of its kind to remotely automate application units accrost the United States. ECO1 has the ability to manage a single truck or an entire fleet on a district, state, regional or national scale based upon the characteristics of the waste and regulatory requirements at any site.