About J&L Services

 J&L was founded in 2002 as an oilfield services company that recognized the need to combine landowner relations with the operational planning, forecasting, development and utilization of technology necessary to provide industry-leading services while protecting the environment. Now, 400 employees strong and over 600 pieces of environment equipment, J&L continues to drive change and innovation in drilling waste management through research and technological advances, while maintaining a growing business capable of scaling to any size job for any size client.

   J&L offers professional management of by-product constituents such as high-salinity waste, hydrocarbons and metals in sustainable fashion.


Despite having more than 70 competitors, J&L services more than 35 percent of the active rigs in Oklahoma and more than 4 percent of the active rigs in the entire United States as of the close of the first quarter in 2013.

In-House Lab

J&L's in-house testing facility, the largest of it's kind, performs intensive analyses on soil and waste materials, to better assess site-specific loading capacities for multiple constituents, to exceed regulatory compliance.

Research Partnership

J&L partners with leading university research teams, industry experts and independent labs, constantly raising the bar in quality, safety and technological innovation.


J&L is revolutionizing the land application industry through the implementation of precision-driven technology to allow for environmentally safe application of drilling waste constituents, such as high-salinity waste, hydrocarbons and/or metals, in a manner once thought to be unmanageable.